Namibia: roadtrip of a lifetime

By Daniel

When I was studying in Cape Town for half a year me and my international friends went on a spring break road trip to Namibia. International students  from the Netherlands, Germany, France and America studying in South Africa and crossing the northern border into Namibia; I don’t think it can get much more international than that. During our trip we drove thousands of kilometres, climbed the world’s highest sand dunes, walked through deserted deserts, hugged with Cheetahs and watched the sundown on the edge of a huge canyon. In this post I wanted to share a couple of photos of these truly amazing places with you.

On the road in the Namib desert

Namibia is known for endless roads to take you across the country and sometimes it could take hundreds of kilometers to find the next gas station (smart to keep in mind), or bring you to your next destination. But honestly, I don’t think anybody minds when the views are this good.


Climbing the highest dunes in the world

When we made our way to Sossusvlei we set up camp on the edge of the desert before we ventured in the park. Sossusvlei is known for the highest dunes in the world and we decided to take it heads on, in the middle of the day. Not one of my smartest decisions in life but after an exhausting climb (that started with a sprint but quickly turned into a turtle pace) we made our way to the top to see beautiful dunes as far as the eye can see..

The ancient trees of Deadvlei

Deadvlei can be reached by a very long and hot walk through the dry desert land but it is definitely worth it. This scary but beautiful place is surrounded by Sossusvlei, the highest sand dunes in the world and these trees have been dead for over 700 years..

A sunset to never forget

We camped on the edge of the dessert in a place called Sesriem. Here we decided to take a walk around sunset to find a quiet spot (even more quiet?!) to enjoy the sunset and think back to an eventful day. We found this beautiful old tree where we sat down, thought back about the many experiences of our trip and the new adventured that lay ahead. It was that moment that we realized that life was treating us pretty great..

Watching life from the edge of the Canyon

The last stop we made was at the second largest canyon in the world, Fish River Canyon. After setting up our camp we made our way to the edge of the Canyon and nothing could prepare us for what we would see there. A jaw-dropping view, not a tourist in sight (okay, except ourselves that is), and an impressive African sunset.

For me, the road trip in Namibia was truly a trip of a lifetime that I will never forget. Have you ever been to Namibia or are you planning to go there? I am curious to hear your thoughts!

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