Off the grid in stunning Norway

By Daniel

I was lucky enough to visit Norway twice in the last year and although I have only seen a small part of this vast country, it completely blew me away. While driving from  Oslo to Beitostølen over a small curvy road, we witnessed beautiful nature, vast lakes, forests and mountains. In Beitostølen I spent time with my girlfriend and her family and got to know the warm Norwegian traditions surrounding Easter and Christmas. Spending time with family, enjoying a lot of good food and wines and now and then, go outside for a skitrip, or a walk through the stunning nature. Yes, I can really get used to that! In this post I wanted to share some photos of my two Norwegian trips because I really believe a picture says more than a thousand words.. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Along the road from Oslo to Beitostølen you will find Lake Sperillen which is incredibly beautiful, especially when it is frozen in wintertime

On the road in Norway

Not only Norway’s nature is incredibly beautiful..:)

Endless hills around Beitostølen

Taking a stroll to the village with the Dale sisters

Sunrise in wintertime is around 10.30 in the morning and beautiful light is a guarantee when it’s clear skies

Last Christmas I got to do one of my longtime bucket list items by going on a Husky sled trip

Hedda cuddling with one of the energetic Huskies

The most photogenic dog I have ever seen

We rode the sled over vast frozen lakes around sunrise, truly one of the most beautiful sights of my life..

The dogs were super energetic and enthusiastic and would go on and on and on..

Sometimes we encountered some harsh wind but the beautiful sight was worth it..

During our coffee break this little buddy kept looking at me, begging if we could please get moving again

Together with our team of Huskies driving into the vast unknown

One of the huskies taking it easy in his little hut

Another beautiful sunrise

Taking a morning stroll through the fresh powder snow with the sun on our face

Back in Oslo the sun was also showing off during setting

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