Ras Kutani; a piece of heaven

By Daniel

After being on the road for a while, I found a place where I could lay low and relax for a while called Ras Kutani. But of course I end up spending my days meeting the local people, visiting the nearby village where I met de local chairman, visited the school and the hospital and made many friends. Only about an hour by car South of Dar Es Salaam but it couldn’t feel further away. A beautiful beach bordering the lagoon, and nobody in sight except for some locals wandering the beach on their way to the next village and trying to catch some small fish in the lagoon. An absolute piece of paradise! Enjoy the photos and dream away!

PS: If you want to find this idyllic barefoot hideaway click here.

Just the beach, the ocean and my footprints in the sand..

Catching fish in the Lagoon

Sharing some campfire stories at night while sipping some Mambo Jambo (real name!) cocktails

Playing on the beach

Walking to the nearby village through the wild lagoon

Faces of Ras Kutani

Faces of Ras Kutani

Faces of Ras Kutani

Faces of Ras Kutani

Lukas and his friends, whom I met while swimming in the lagoon recognised me in the village and came running to great me!

Faces of Ras Kutani

Where the lagoon meets the ocean

Lay down and unwind

The beach at low tide

Wine and snacks!

The lagoon looked very peaceful when sunset approached

Monkeys picking flowers

Waking up with the sound of the ocean is probably the best way!


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