Raw Adventures in South Africa

By Daniel

Finally! I had the opportunity to go back to one of my all time favourite countries for a real raw safari adventure; South Africa. We ventured to off-the-grid places in the KwaZulu-Natal province and made our way from Johannesburg, through wild Game Reserves where we encountered wildlife from up close, to the Indian Ocean. Along the way we drove countless miles on dirt roads, had face-to-face encounters with a huge herd of Elephants, drank coffees in the middle of the savannah, saw the most stunning sunsets and free-dived with wild Dolphins. What a trip!

For this post I decided to not write so much but let my photography do the talking! Let me know what you think..


Morning Game walk in Spioenkop Game Reserve (gun is required by law and only for protection)

Spioenkop Game Reserve

Making little friends at the Spioenkop Game Reserve

Making big friends at the Spioenkop Game Reserve

Walking the high grass of the Spioenkop Game Reserve

The house dog at the Three Tree Hill Lodge at Spioenkop

Walking the beautiful Drakensberg

Sunset biking at Three Tree Hill Lodge

Chasing the beautiful South African sunset

Sun setting over the beautiful hills of Spioenkop

First Game Drive at the Pongola Game Reserve

Meeting friendly giants in the Pongola Game Reserve

Coffee break in the middle of the Savannah

Chasing more beautiful sunsets

Sunset over Lake Jozini

Telling stories around the Camp Fire at the White Elephant Safari Lodge


Musa, our local tracker at Phinda Private Game Reserve

Meeting beautiful curious giants at the Phinda Private Game Reserve

The heroes of the anti-poaching team at Phinda Private Game Reserve

Three Cheetah sisters watching the sunrise at Phinda Private Game Reserve

Cheetah sisters at Phinda Private Game Reserve

Our tracker Musa and ranger Matt introducing us to the large Elephant herd of the Phinda Private Game Reserve

Tracker at Phinda Private Game Reserve

The famous ‘Mocha Chocorula’ made by our ranger Matt to keep us warm during the early Game Drives

Resting in between Game Drives at the pool in the middle of the Game Reserve

Made our way to the Indian Ocean on the deserted Mabibi Beach

A little cheeky fellow eager to catch a bite of my lunch at the Thonga Beach Lodge

Getting ready for our morning Ocean Safari to find wild Dolphins

And we found them (Shot of me by Bonifas Rietveld)

Watching the sunset at the beautiful Lake Sibayi

And something to enjoy while watching the sunrise

Sunset at Lake Sibayi

Last days exploring the beach of Durban

Walking over the boulders of Durban Beach for the last time.. (for now)

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2 thoughts on “Raw Adventures in South Africa

  • Penny Rice March 15, 2017 at 6:57 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I love the fact that you visited some of the more out of the way places in our beautiful province.
    Fabulous evocative photography.
    Kind regards
    Penny Rice
    Marketing Manager
    Isibindi Africa Lodges

  • Yacon Root October 21, 2017 at 3:09 pm Reply

    I love this site. It’s an great blog.

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